I can not tell you the amount of times that I have spoken with families that are in shock about the costs of employing a nanny. Many of these families have had experience with daycares, or are on the fence about putting their child in daycare or hiring a nanny. The truth is, having a nanny is a luxury that not all families can afford. Below I have highlighted some of the key differences between hiring a nanny and attending a daycare.

Personalized Care

When your child attends a daycare, he/she is expected to follow their rules. Their programs for the day are not flexible to your child’s individualized moods or needs, because the group as a whole is the focus. When you hire a nanny, the daily activities and curriculum are tailored specifically for your child/children.

Home Care

Though a nanny is not the same as a housekeeper (and many refuse to do most housekeeping activities) she/he is normally expected to do light housekeeping duties. These include, cleaning up after the children, children’s laundry, preparing meals for children, and sometimes even prepping dinner for the whole family. Because your nanny is at home with your kids, she can sign for packages, let the dog in and out of the yard, and allow maintenance people into the home. The list of odd jobs nannies do is endless, but make sure you understand that childcare is her first and foremost responsibility. Obviously your daycare provider isn’t going to do any of these things!

Extra Curricular Activities

Does your child play soccer? Ballet? An Instrument? Would you like him/her to take an art class? A foreign language? Swim lessons? Nannies can schedule, drive, and observe your child in any of these activities and more. If you have a nanny, there is not need for you to rush home early because your child has basketball practice at 4:00. Social development mommy and me classes in the middle of the day are often populated with nannies and children. Dentist appointments and yearly checkups are also options! Coordinating schedules is part of a nannies job and this means you don’t have to worry about it!

Extra Love

Last but not least, when you hire a nanny, you are really hiring an extra person to love your child. A good nanny pays attention to the emotional needs of your child as well as the physical and is there to give your child extra hugs, and boo boo kisses  when you aren’t. Most nannies love their charges fiercely and there is nothing more sad than when a child has outgrown them. When you hire a nanny, you have hired an extra family member, which is really priceless.

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