So you don’t think you are the mommy group type? Many women feel this way, but if you are a mom and you want to make other friends that are also moms, then you are the EXACT type. Being in a mommy group isn’t just for stay at home moms that want to sit around sipping coffee and talking about their kids (as if “sitting around is ever a possibility as a mom). It is for all women who just want to connect with other women in a similar life stage. The bonus is that your kids can be entertained at the same time! You should join a mommy group if you want…

1.) To Make Friends That Understand

If you are a new mom, you may not know that many other moms and a mommy group is (duh!) the easiest way to fix that! Your kidless friends may love your baby to pieces, but ask any mom out there and she will tell you that it is hard to keep up with your non-mom friends. Groups like OC momMob in Orange County have regular events that are perfect for getting the kids out of the house and meeting new moms. Be sure to research what free mom groups are available near you.

2.) Help Socialize Your Kids

You may think your baby is too young to worry about socializing, but early interaction with other kids is a lot more important than you think! Playing with other children can help teach your children important skills like sharing, and can help them overcome shyness. Don’t be surprised if your toddler seems uninterested in the playmates your have provided. They mostly interact in what is called “parallel play” where they play independently from one another. Don’t be fooled though! Your child is keeping a watchful eye on the other kiddos and learning all important rules and skills!

3.) Free Babysitting

It is as simple as this: if you have mommy friends, you can trade babysitting! Who doesn’t want that!? 

4.) Help Problem Solving

If you join a facilitated group like the ones offered at The New Mom School in Newport Beach, or The Pump Station in Santa Monica, you will not only get the resources that come with a having a group of moms, but also the knowledge and guidance of the expert leading your class!

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