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A Guest Post By Karla Butvidas

After years of working as a full time nanny everybody used to say, you will be ready when you have your own babies, It will be so easy. 

“Right!” I say now.

After meeting the love of my life and getting married, I thought it was my turn to start my big family. I felt I was ready, I felt he was ready too. We thought we were ready but you can never be ready!

Big reality check.

I now ask myself, why does no one tell you how hard parenting can be, how challenging it really is and how good it feels when it when you can go pee by yourself and take a long steamy 3min shower.

I never thought taking care of a baby 24/7 would be this crazy hard but rewarding.

Keep reading, we will get there.

Now let’s talk about little struggles.

Making new friends… what’s that?

I remember as a nanny I had the best time meeting new nannies, sharing experiences and just being able to get together with the kids and enjoy a work day.

Being a mom is hard but making friends as a mom is even harder.

Some of my old friends stayed in the loop, I also had some mom friends but long distance is never fun. Some friends, after baby was here, distanced themselves. I totally get it, life is busy, I understand that trying to keep track of how many diapers I told you I’ve changed today can be hard.

Getting ready to leave the house

Holy cow! Thank God she’s 2 now.

I remember how hard it was to put that little peanut in the car, how nervous I used to get and how short the trips to the grocery store were. As they get older it gets a bit better until you hit the toy aisle!  Then the tantrum hits like a bad storm and you don’t know if you should ignore the kid, let him scream, spank him/her or just leave the cart in the middle of the store and leave. Don’t worry whatever you choose to do you will be judged, sad but true.

Getting dolled up….

This is a good one, I used to love to have time to do my hair, put some makeup on but time is limited and if you have a little one like mine, (attached completely) you know 10 min of doing your hair are 10 min you can sit and relax. So y’all that can get dolled up to go to the store, God. Bless. Your. Soul. I can’t, well sometimes yes I can.

The love you experience is seriously the best…..

Yes this was all about winning, but as moms it’s hard to express how we feel because we are afraid of judgment. I think it’s healthy to talk about the struggles you have on a daily basis. It is also rewarding when you get to be friends with a mom with a kiddo close in age to yours. I remember my mother in law once told me, “you need mom friends, that was my support system”. Damn she was right, you will realize “wow I’m not alone, my kid is doing the exact same thing”. And to be able to rant and hear “oh I understand” makes you feel less insane. 😂

I WOULDNT change a thing…..


I know it might sound a bit crazy and scary, this thing of being a parent, but is the best thing God could ever have given me. I have a healthy baby, who I cannot live without (maximum time apart 5hrs) and a healthy life, with an amazing husband. This also makes me realize how lucky I am.

To see her smile, hear her call you “mama”, say “I love you”, you get to see how they depend fully on the love, comfort and joy you give them. I couldn’t ask for anything better than this. One thing people always say, you can’t explain the love you feel for these little things. Now I know this is the best love ever.

I know parenting is not for everyone and that’s ok too. But I wouldn’t change a thing.

At the end is all worth it. ❤❤

Thanks Kaitlyn for letting me vent here! Love you my nanny friend.

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