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Guest Post by Yaneli Vergara

Nannying. One of the hardest things I’ve ever decided to do. Unless you’re in this line of work… you have no idea what it means to actually be a nanny. We enter these families knowing full well that we will fall in love with these children who’s lives and upbringing have been put in our hands. We will laugh together and cry together. I’ve pick you up when you’ve fall down and unbeknownst to you… hearing “I missed you Yaneli!” has also picked me up when I’ve been down.
For the past 3 years I’ve kissed boo boo’s, I’ve sat in a pitch black rooms rocking you to sleep for hours at a time, I’ve cuddled you while you’ve had a fever of 103, I’ve slept with you and counted the breaths you take, I walked you into the room where you met your baby sister, I’ve dressed you for your first day of school…
and YES… were there bad days? YES… there were bad days. Days where all you wanted to do was cry and scream. Days where I’ve been too sick to function. Days where my patience was thinner than Nicole Richie….but somehow we got through it together buddy.

As we all know… being a nanny for a family is a temporary thing. Families need change. Families move. Kids grow up.
My nanny kids birthdays are always bittersweet for me because it means I’m one year closer to not being needed. Every time I drop you off at preschool I tell you to not cry because I always come back. I will always come back… until I don’t. Because one day I won’t. Because one day, you will grow up and my services won’t be needed.. I will say bye and I won’t be coming back. Of course I hope that’s not for a few years and we can have many more good days and bad days…many more adventures and many more memories.

So for now… Happy Birthday 3rd birthday baby boy. You have been one of the best things to have walked into my life 3 years ago. I love you to the moon and back🚀


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