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Worth It

A guest post written by Becca King


Take a shower. Sleep. Work out. Go to the store. Eat. These are all things you can do pretty much whenever you want when you don’t have kids. Freedom to do WHAT you want, WHEN you want. That all changes when you have a baby.


My husband and I had our baby girl four months ago, and it didn’t take long for us to realize that life was changed forever. We were in love the moment we first saw her, as well as being incredibly shocked she was a girl! We thought for sure she was going to be a boy, considering my husband’s family has three generations of boys. She continues to surprise us in many ways.


I’m so happy and lucky to be a stay at home mom, but even with this extra time at home that I have, it’s still difficult to fit in all the things I’d like to do during the day. I used to be able to get up and work out, shower, get ready for the day, then go about my day the way I wanted to and at the pace I wanted. Having a tiny human that not only depends on you for 100% of their food supply, but also 100% of all their other daily needs is exhausting. And it takes sacrifice. Lots of sacrifice. No more running errands without having to first think about naptime, diaper changes, and how heavy it’s going to be to lug that carseat in and out of the store. No more working out and showering without trying hard not to wake up the baby in the next room. And eating? I think I could participate in a one handed eating contest with all the times I’ve had to eat using only one hand. 🙂 My needs are no longer the only needs I need to think about.


Having a baby changes everything. Your time, your choices, your daily life. The question is, “Is it even worth it? Do I really want to turn my world upside down and sacrifice all the things I love just to take care of this tiny thing that takes up all of my time?”


Oh, yes. It’s absolutely worth it. Babies are miracles. In my opinion, babies are gifts from God that teach us that we are not in control, but He is. Is it hard to be selfless? Yes. Is it hard to get up in the middle of the night, week after week and month after month? Yes. But is it worth it? Yes.

A few months ago, I remember texting my best friend (who was pregnant at the time) in the middle of the night. It was 3:30 am, and I told her, “Being a mom is the best. You’re going to love it.” Even among the exhaustion it takes to take care of a baby 24/7, the love trumps it all. There is nothing like the love you feel for your child. It makes me appreciate my parents so much more after having my own child and now knowing what goes into raising a little one.


As much as I would like to have my open and free schedule back, I wouldn’t do anything differently. My baby girl is so incredibly precious to me and I don’t know what my husband and I would do without her.


Sacrifice teaches us what we really need and what we can live without.


Selflessness opens our eyes to the needs of others.


Showers, sleep, and shopping will happen eventually. So, hang in there, new mamas. In the darkest moments, know that your sweet babe is worth it. And brighter days are ahead.

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  • Linda

    Well stated, Becca.


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