Last year when you were trick or treating with your kiddos did you see any teal pumpkins adorning your neighbors doorsteps? Did you know that they were more than just a fun decoration? The teal pumpkins are there to show support for kids with food allergies. Imagine if your child got all dressed up to go out on Halloween, just like most other children, but at the end of the night they couldn’t partake in any of the treats because of a food allergy. Then imagine going to homes that had a teal pumpkin on their stoop, and knowing that in that treat bowl, there would be some non food treats for your child to enjoy. This Halloween, lets all put out a teal pumpkin, and mix our bowl with some fun treats that all kids can enjoy.

Some Suggested Treats For Kids With Food Allergies:

Glow Sticks


Plastic rings


Temporary Tattoos

Themed Pencils

Shaped Erasers

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