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Most people remember coloring when they were a kid. Coloring books, construction paper, and sometimes (eek!) even the walls! Did you know that coloring is more than just a creative way to kill time with the kiddos? It has a variety of developmental benefits!

  • Coloring helps kids develop hand eye coordination and gets them use to using a writing tool.
  • Coloring promotes the development of patience, and gives children a sense of accomplishment.
  • Color recognition is supported by… you guessed it… coloring, as well as pattern recognition which is a pre-math and pre-reading skill.
  • As we now know from the adult coloring book craze, coloring can be relaxing and therapeutic. Use this as an excuse to sit and bond with your child as you color together.
  • Below are some fun online sources for printable coloring pages, enjoy!

For Kids




For Adults




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