in case of emergency

Whenever you are leaving your child with someone else, it is important to discuss your expectations of their actions in the case of an emergency. Even with the best caregivers, kids can hit their heads, need stitches, swallow a penny… you name it! Being prepared for these scenarios is the best thing you can do. Make sure to have an emergency list located in a convenient location, such as a refrigerator door, or a laundry room bulletin board. Also be sure to fill out a medical release form for your nanny in the even that you can not be contacted.

Emergency Phone Numbers

Everyone knows 911, but do you know the numbers for the Poison Control Hotline, Fire Department, Police Department, or Animal Control? Be sure to have these numbers handy near the top of your list.

Family Phone Numbers

Be sure to include both parents’ cell phone and work numbers as well as any grandparents or close family and friends that live in the area. It is always a bonus to have a trusted neighbor listed as well.

Email Addresses

Its a good idea to also include both parents’ email addresses as an extra precaution

Doctor Information

Be sure to have your children’s doctor’s location and phone number. If you have pets, include your veterinarian’s contact information.


If one or more of your children is in school, it is important to list that information. Be sure to put down the name of the school, along with location, and phone number.


Always list any allergies your child has, along with the location of any EpiPen or inhaler your child may need.


List the name and dosage of any medications your children are taking.

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