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Everyone knows that making sure your kids have plenty of exercise is a positive thing! Not only does it help dial down their crazy energy levels, but it keeps them healthy and sets them up to keep making those healthy choices down the line. Yoga is a great way to get your kids moving! Not only is it a form of exercise, it is thought to promote flexibility, refine balance and coordination, develop focus and concentration, boost self-esteem and confidence, and strengthen the mind body connection. With all those benefits, why wouldn’t you try it out? Try one of these 5 yoga studios for kids in Orange County!


Grace and Zen is a yoga and ballet studio just for kids! They offer weekly classes, as well as a summer camp. This studio is located in San Juan Capistrano, so if you live in that area check it out!


Bala Shala Yoga for Kids is, as the name states, a yoga studio for kids! It is located in laguna beach, so if you are in that area, check it out!


If the thought of loading the kids into the car gives you a mild panic attack, Mini Yogis might just be for you. For only 15$ per kiddo, they will come to your home to teach a class. Keep it personal, or invite some friends!


Unfold Yoga is not a strictly for kids yoga studio, but their variety of kids yoga classes puts them on this list. They are located in Brea, so if you live in the area check them out!


YMCA is always a great place to look for any kind of classes. Yoga is no exception. Their youth yoga classes may be just the thing for your family! Of course, there are many YMCA locations across orange county, so click the link and see what one is closest to you!

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