Finding a great nanny is only just the beginning! If you think she is amazing it probably has a lot to do with her being a hard worker. Its important to show her that you appreciate her efforts, and that you are committed to her as much as she is committed to you. If you don’t, she may begin to feel undervalued and frustrated which can eventually lead to her resignation. Here are some ways that you can thank her for all her hard work.

Say thank you

Simply saying “Thanks Lindsay, have a nice night” when you take over, is nice, but taking a moment every now and then to really tell her that you appreciate her can make a big impact.

Pay her on time

Though, for a good nanny money is not the end all be all, working for you is still her job. She may love your children and you, but at the end of the day it is still work and she should be compensated accordingly. If you forgot to stop at the bank or are out of checks, don’t ask her if you can pay her on Monday instead.  If you have agreed to have her work 40 hours a week, and you only end up needing her for 38, pay her for those 2 extra hours.

Give her vacation

You take vacation time from your job because you need it! Your nanny does too. She may love chasing your kids around all day, but that doesn’t detract from the fact that its exhausting! When she asks for time off don’t make her feel more guilty than she probably already does. Its a good idea to discuss how much time off,  and how much notice is acceptable in your initial nanny agreement. This way, there are no uncomfortable discussions that have to be had later on.

Trust her

You chose to hire her over the other candidates for a reason, because she knows her stuff! Don’t try to micromanage her day. Its ok to ask her to try to take the kids to park when its nice outside! Its helpful to let her know if you  hear of a new program at the library you’d like her to try out! Its not ok to schedule the entire day for her and the kids. Nannies typically fall in to their own routine, and its important to respect that. If you feel that she isn’t doing things the way you’d like her to, then sit down and have a discussion about it. Communication is key in any relationship, yours and your nanny’s included.

Respect her time

Believe it or not, your nanny has a life outside of working for you. She goes home to family, has friends, and participates in activities, that all have to be squeezed in to the hours she isn’t at your home. Understand that if you say you will be home at 5, then don’t arrive home until 6, this will disrupt her home life. If you asked her to arrive at 7:30 and she didn’t arrive until 8:30 think of how that would affect you. She may not say anything because she feels uncomfortable, but know that if it becomes a pattern, she won’t be happy about it. 

Have a backup plan

If you like to go out on weeknights or weekends, its important to have a backup sitter. Let your nanny know that you will always ask if she is interested first, but that you have other options. This way, she will know you prefer her to others, but she won’t feel bad if she is busy or simply tired from her work week.

Let her sit down

Everyone needs a little break throughout the day. Your nanny doesn’t have a lunch hour. If your children nap, don’t give her a long list of things to do during this time that won’t allow her any break. Its expected that you will ask her to do some things if she has time, but take in to account that she might not.

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