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Does it seem like any time you need a new nanny your stress levels rise? Its not hard to understand why! Do it yourself child care websites and searches seem helpful, but they still mean logging plenty of hours weeding through potential nannies. Many of these sites offer background checks, but they are extremely minimal. Once you finally get to the interviewing stage, it takes time to set up phone, then in person interviews. It can be hard to know what questions to ask, and uncomfortable to be transparent about what you are looking for in a nanny. If you already have a demanding schedule, it can be next to impossible to even find a coordinating time to meet with candidates.

A nanny placement service like The Heirloom Company, in Orange County California, can help with all of that! When it comes to finding a nanny, nanny placement services have something you don’t: Time and resources! Because its their sole purpose, nanny placement services have connections with nannies in your area. They have more in depth background checks and interview processes. They have the time to follow up on all references, and know the right questions to ask. All of these things can be difficult to manage if you are already managing your own full time career and family. Placement services can also help with writing up a nanny agreement and negotiating nanny salary. Another big bonus of using a nanny placement service is the safety net they provide. Most services will give anywhere from a 2 week to a 90 day replacement guarantee, which means if you aren’t happy with your nanny she will be replaced for free.

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