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Chances are when you are too sick to go to work, you prefer to lay in bed and sleep all day. Chances are if you are a toddler, you do not prefer this at all. Kids somehow have a crazy ability to be feeling completely horrible, yet still want to play. Here are some fun sick day (or even just lazy day) activities to try next time you have a child thats feeling bad, but not bad enough to sleep.

Build a fort! Somehow reading books and playing quietly with trucks and dolls is so much more fun when its done under a blanket thats held up by two chairs. If the weather is nice, try this one outside! Add a little picnic of chicken broth and apple slices and you should be set for some time.

Make sick day play dough. Kids love play dough. Parents love things that help sick kids get over being sick faster. If you fall in to one of those two categories, check out this recipe!

If your child enjoys books, but can’t yet read, audio books are a great option! This activity is made even more awesome if you have the actual book to go along with it. If not, encourage your child to draw pictures of the story they are listening too, or act it out with toys.

Bath time! Bubbles, toys, shower crayons… so many different ways to play in the bath! If you are lucky, a nice bath will help your little angel to relax a little and if done before  nap time or bed time can even ease that little ball of energy into sleep.

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