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Your child is on a hunger strike! Or at least thats the way it feels. Yesterday she liked broccoli, today she won’t touch it (or worse she throws it on the floor!). A typical day in life with toddlers. As much as she may want to eat macaroni and cheese for every meal every day, you (being the excellent parent that you are) can’t allow it. What to do!?

One of the best ways to get children to do something they don’t want to do, is to get them involved in the process. Having trouble getting them into pajamas? Make it a game. Let them pick out what will be worn. see who can get to the bed to read stories first. The same applies with food. Give options before you start cooking the meal. “hmmm should we have broccoli tonight with our chicken, or green beans?” before you go to the store ask what vegetables he or she would like you to buy “just for you!”.

Whenever possible include your child when preparing dinner. A toddler can help stir ingredients in a bowl, or even use a childproof knife to cut up soft vegetables like mushrooms. Talk to them about what you are doing while they watch. “I’m putting all these veggies in the pan and they are going to shrink and make a fun sound! That’s called sizzling!”. You will be surprised at how willing a child is to eat something that he or she helped prepare. You never know, you may have a little fun while you are at it.

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