Have you ever heard the phrase “It takes one to know one?” At The Heirloom Company, we believe that it takes the eye of a great nanny to truly understand what another great nanny looks like. That's why the company was created! Because The Heirloom Company was started and run by a former nanny, we have special insight into the ins and outs of nanny culture, as well as a deep understanding of the time and energy that goes into finding the perfect nanny. Your family is unique and therefore, needs a nanny or mother’s helper that is unique in the same way. Our process is designed to thoroughly understand your needs and wants. After all, the smallest detail is sometimes the most important. Let us make your life a little easier by putting our time and energy into finding the best match, while you spend yours on life with your little ones.
Customer Service

How It Works

First We Listen
Because every family’s needs are vastly different, we ask questions that help us understand exactly what your family wants in a nanny. In our initial conversation we discuss topics such as your family’s weekly schedule and child care philosophies. We also cover personal and professional qualities you prefer in a nanny.
We Do The Research
Once your needs have been established, we get to work finding the perfect nanny for you. We then send you an email with the candidate’s information and short bio.
We Schedule A Time And Place To Meet The Candidate
Let us know when you are available to meet the candidate and we will make sure they get there! Want to meet them in your own home? Perfect. Want to meet them at a coffee shop? We’re on it. This process is all about what you are comfortable with and this stage is no exception.
We Walk You Through The Hiring Process
Once you have decided to move forward with the candidate we will walk you through the hiring process.
Always Here To Help
Once you have secured your nanny you are now a part of the Heirloom Family! We provide ongoing to support to all Heirloom Family members for as long as they need.
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E-mail: klim@heirloomfamily.com Phone: (949) 478-5145